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Luggie Loading Mat

Protects your car’s bumper bar or boot sill when you load your Luggie scooter or powerchair in the half folded position. See this video to see how it’s done. Rubberised on the underside and carpet on the top side. Could be used for other scooters when you need to protect the paintwork on your car.







Battery Charger for Li-ion batteries.

This charge is approved by Freerider, the manufacturers of the Luggie scooters and powerchairs for use with Li-ion batteries. Li-ion batteries must be charged with an authorised charger. Failure to use a charger that is compatible with the batteries can damage the batteries and possibly the scooter, and will void the warranty on the batteries.










"Unexpected Rewards - Travelling to the Arctic with a Mobility Scooter”, by Maureen T Corrigan

Read all about travelling to remote places with a portable mobility scooter from experienced traveler and former medical doctor Maureen Corrigan. An inspirational story whether or not you have mobility issues. Maureen’s latest adventure, to Norway, Iceland and the Arctic, provides us with a fascinating insight into travelling with multiple sclerosis.








Luggie half-fold transport bag

Specially designed for when you only need the semi-fold position. This soft lined bag protects the Luggie while using the travel wheels and handle for moving the scooter. Comes with zip up pocket for extra accessories. CLICK HERE to see the video.







Luggie soft carry bag

Soft case for Luggie scooter, complete with wheels and handle. Zips up to enable your Luggie to be stored or transported in the boot, plane, boat, etc.







Rear Carry Bag

The best rear bags we have found are steel framed vinyl bags that are waterproof but strong, and fit to the rear of the seat. This enables the seat to be swivelled if needed and the bag to still be accessible. A velcro sealing cover keeps the contents secure and dry. Our rear bags come with an in-built walking cane holder. A flag can also be fitted. This carry bag will fit any scooter that takes a 25mm x 25mm bracket on the rear of the seat. When ordering be aware that the product comes flat packed, ready for quick and easy assembly. This rear bag is priced well under other similar products on the market. (Not suitable for Luggie).


$150.00 (RRP: $160)




Special price: We have a stock of rear bags with our old logo that we need to clear. This bag sells for over $150 by other retailers (without a logo) and is made by the same manufacturer. Slightly different shape but still on a steel frame. Our price is $75. It's discounted by 50% until stocks are cleared. Ring our stores in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth with your credit card details, or just drop in a pick one up at this fantastic price. Suits Buzz but not Luggie.





Storage Cover

We stock a very good storage cover that keeps the dust and rain off your portable scooter when you can't park it undercover. And if you are conscious of any security issues, a cover will keep your scooter out of sight.






We advise all scooter owners to fit a flag to their scooter. This is especially important for safety considerations when riding along footpaths past driveways where there is the chance for someone to reverse out of a driveway and not see a scooter because it is below the fence level. A flag sits at about the same height as a person standing, and is therefore more visible. ONLY AVAILABLE FROM STORES.




(flag with holder)

Luggie Underseat folding bag

Large capacity vinyl underseat bag that folds down when you don't need it. Good for carrying extra bits and pieces that you might need when travelling the world or just up to the shops. Easy to fold under seat when collapsing Luggie or simple to remove when not required.




Luggie Carry Bag (0504)

Small waterproof carry bag that fits comfortably under the seat of a Luggie. Has a carry handle and a central zip. Made from strong vinyl fabric. Great for carrying extra accessories




Luggie Batteries

Increase your range by taking an extra battery pack with you on your journeys. The Lithium-ion battery is lightweight and slips easily into the battery slot on your scooter. As Scott, one of our Luggie users says: “I would also recommend taking a spare battery. I carried it under the seat to greatly increase my range when exploring Paris.” Other scooter batteries on application. When charging Li-ion batteries you must use an authorised battery charger to ensure safe charging and protecting the warranty on the battery.


(8 amp hour)


(10.5 amp hour)





Luggie Armrests

Add arm rests to your Luggie Standard scooter. Just slip the in to the rear of the seat bracket and you’ve added an extra comfort level to your scooter. These padded arm rests flip up for easy access in and out of the scooter.


(1 side only)


(2 sides)



Luggie charging adapter

Charge your Luggie batteries away from the scooter when you need to. This lightweight charging adapter means you can take the batteries out of the scooter, slip them in and plug into a powerpoint via the charger supplied with your scooter. It’s a handy accessory for charging the batteries in your house while leaving the scooter in the car.




Luggie lambswool seat cover

Add that little bit of luxury and comfort to your Luggie with our custom made lambswool seat cover. Soft and durable, the cover fits snugly over the Luggie seat and is easily removed for washing. It’s designed so that it doesn’t interfere with folding the scooter for transport. Suits all models except Super (available through your local store).




Luggie stabilizer wheels

These highly engineered stability wheels fit on to the side of any Luggie to give that added stability for those that need it. While it is not necessary for normal driving, some people prefer the added security that these outrigger wheels provide. They are easily fitted and removed using the special bracket. And they don’t interfere with the normal folding mechanism.


$199.00 full set

 Out of stock


We carry a large range of batteries, battery chargers, tyres and parts for most mobility scooters and portable scooters. For more information and prices please phone our direct sales hotline on 1300 795 501, or visit one of our local stores.

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